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1965 born in Coburg, Germany

1978 recording music with various found objects and acoustic instruments, recordings on two-track tape

1981 - 1986 playing drums and triggered synthies in diverse bands

1984 - 1990 studying fine arts in Kassel, Germany: painting, performances and video

1990 first recordings under Some More Crime, duo using electronic equipment, voice samples and guitars, diploma in fine arts

1993 releasing records under Drome, Nonplace Urban Field on Ninja Tune, Lo Flanger Live-tour in South-America

2003 touring Japan and Europe with The Nu Dub Players, featuring Jaki Liebezeit and Josef Suchy; producing various bands for Nonplace

2004 corporation with David Sylvian, live touring with Jaki Liebezeit and Hayden Chisholm

Selected Discography

1993 Some More Crime- Another Domestic Drama In A Suburban Hell cd (ZZO)

1993 Drome- The Final Corporate Colonization Of The Unconscious cd/lp (Ninja Tune)

1994 Nonplace Urban Field- Nuf Said cd (Incoming!)

1995 Drome- Dromed cd (Kiff Sm)

1995 Bernd Friedmann- Leisure Zones cd ( ash international/touch)

1996 Nonplace Urban Field- Raum F¸r Notizen cd/lp (Incoming!)

1996 Nonplace Urban Field- Golden Star cd/lp (Incoming!)

1997 Flanger- Templates cd/lp (ntone/Ninja Tune)

1999 Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players- Just landed cd/lp (scape)

1999 Flanger- Midnight Sound (ntone/Ninja Tune)

2000 Burnt Friedman- Con Ritmo cd (nonplace)

2001 Burnt Friedman- Plays Love Songs cd (nonplace)

2001 Flanger- Inner Space/Outer Space cd/lp (Ninja Tune)

2002 Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit- Secret Rhythms cd/lp (nonplace)

2002 Nonplace vs Dfuse dvd (nowondvd, Japan) 2003 Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players cd/lp (nonplace)

2004 Shank (produced by B.Friedman)

2005 Flanger - Spirituals (nonplace)

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